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Keepin my head straight and my mind focused on whats important. My beautiful daughter, my career and our happiness as a family. Not taking for granted all that i have and bein able to share my happiness with someone special.
HighSchool: Chester High School
JuniorHighSchool: Casimir Pulaski Middle School
ElementarySchool: Fairhill Elementary School
Music: I like all kinds of music, from hard-core rap, to hard-core rock. country and r&b both help me realax. i always try to keep and open mind and an open ear for what ever it is that catches my attention
Movies: i mostly like horror movies and i watch alot of action movies.
WhatImInto: i love having fun. no matter what it is that i decide to do being with the right people is what makes a difference. spending time with my daughter and the rest of my family and friends is how i usually spend my down time.
MyBestFeatures: i think my best feature would be that i'm an all around good person. i'm easy to talk to, care about what people do and how they feel. i work at a family practice as a medical assistant, and see all types of people, and always try to assure them that there are people in the world that still care.
MyDreams: eventually i'm going to go back to school and become a PA (physicians assistant). buy a house and raise a family.

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