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ok so I'm just on here to look for friends....I don't wanna see any genitals or anything...so if you don't like that then leave me the hell alone....I also don't care what people say about.. I am a bitch and I will admit it...don't piss me off and you won't see...but the minute you do i will turn into the biggest bitch you have ever met.....and never say anything bad about my mom....or else you will wish you were never born...and yes she is my f****in hero....still
HighSchool: Helena High School
College: The University of Montana-Helena College of Technology
Music: i will listen to anything, but my favorite kind is rap, hip hop, and country (yes I listen to country) my favorite artists are Eminem, Lil Wayne, Josh Turner, Chris Brown, Tobey Kieth and Trace Adkins.
TV: Favorite shows are NCIS, Law and Order SVU, Supernatural, and almost anything on the cooking channel.
Books: I like vampire books; yes I'm a twilight fan but not like most twilight fans I don't have a specific team or anything. but I also like sherlock holmes books.
Movies: will watch anything but favorite is scary movies or the older Disney movies like The Lion King all of them..... If u got an issue with that then u got one with me
BestFeatures: people say my best features are my eyes
Dreams: When I'm done with getting my generals for small business I'm going to college for cosmetology. to do hair, makeup and piercings

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