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    6 ft. 3 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


My primary work is in the Architecture,I would consider myself to be a kind, caring, giving, self-confident, honest, and well mannered gentleman, who is a pretty easy-going and a simple type man who is well educated and tries to take advantage of all the opportunities that life has to offer. I possess high morals with somewhat strong old-fashioned values. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and that a man and a woman need to be committed at working the relationship emotionally, physically and spiritually in order to maintain a thriving, loving, joyful, healthy relationship that will last. I believe that communication, friendship, trust, commitment, honesty, attentiveness, romance, emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy/connectedness are key elements in maintaining a strong successful life-long relationship. I value my faith and try to live a life that is respectful of others and believe in helping those in need whenever possible. I am also a dog lover and advocate of animals that are inhumanely treated. I enjoy reading, constant learning, collecting coins and other collectibles. I like having fun and laughing, I also enjoy being outdoors, working out, going out to dinner, sporting events, concerts and a diversity of leisure and entertainment activities

What I am looking for

The type of woman I am looking for is pretty simple. I would like to find someone who shares similar morals and core values, who is also looking for that special man to share the rest of their lives with. I'm not big on dating around; I don't feel that I need to prove or demonstrate myself through this. I've never been a one-night kind of guy, I am a one woman man and I have always preferred long-term relationships. Again, a strong friendship, good-open communication, trust, mutual respect, love, attentiveness, affection, kindness and patience, commitment and work towards the relationship, mixed with a strong dose of chemistry, romance and passion are the conerstones of a healthy, long-lasting, and mutually satisfying, rewarding relationship. Finding that special someone is difficult, but when I do, I am totally committed to making it work. I'm huge on open communication, honesty, and trust. I've very affectionate, and like to express it in many ways - holding hands, passionate kisses and simple romantic gestures are just a few. As is said, I am not only looking for someone that I can live with, but I am looking for someone that I can't live without.